5 stars

The Stage

"a dizzying, dazzling display of meta-theatrical brilliance"

5 stars

London Theatre

"I don't think I've heard laughter this loud or this continuous in the theatre all year. There were seriously moments when I could barely open my eyes I was crying so hard with laughter"

4 stars

Evening Standard

"A joyous masterclass of physical comedy and general disaster"

4 stars

Time Out

"This is a joyfully silly show that unpacks itself like a festive treat, about a production whose stream of failures you won’t want to end. Bah haha humbug"

Daily Mail

"The chuckle factor is consistent and builds to sustained guffaws in the Titanic-like pirate- ship sequence"

A Younger Theatre

"Saying that this play is hilarious is an understatement: it is achingly side-splitting…a roaring roller coaster of non-stop laugh-out-loud scenes that make you not want to ever leave"

Exeunt Magazine

"A delight of a show…I do not think I have ever laughed as much in a theatre as I did last night at Peter Pan Goes Wrong"

5 stars

Stage Review

"Epic comedy from a seriously gung ho company not afraid to update vintage gags and make them their own."

Daventry Express

"This is a non stop barrel of laughs from the first to last minute. I won’t spoil the gags as they are best seen and heard for yourselves, but suffice to say the Mischief Theatre Company outdid themselves. You'll be exhausted from laughing so much at the end of the show."


"This play, which is suitable for adults and children alike, is a brilliant piece of theatre. It is completely bizarre, terribly funny and must be seen to be believed."


"This is not just a gimmick, this is great theatre, great entertainment all round, and I look forward to whatever next “goes wrong” from the team at Mischief Theatre. If they have any more irons in their fire (I heard talk of a Nativity in the bar) they need to strike before they cool down."


"Amid bouts of sidesplitting, I marvelled at the amount of rehearsal time it must take to get so many stunts so spectacularly performed, at such breathtaking speed."

5 stars

Stage Talk Magazine

"Hysterically funny: I can’t remember the last time I laughed as much – A real hoot of an audience pleaser"

Broadway World

"Equally, if not more hilarious than its predecessor… a massive pat on the back for their masterclass in organised chaos"

Midlands What's On

"It’s all fabulously funny, pantingly pacey and too silly for words. But underneath the chaos, it’s an immaculately choreographed display of acrobatic acumen. It has to be… otherwise they’d never get the insurance."

Kent Messenger What's On

"Mischief Theatre certainly live up to their name as they create a solid two hours of mayhem and entertainment and as things start spinning more and more out of control, it’s hard to tell who will be left standing. But by the end, it’s several audience members, as they leap to their feet to give the hard-working cast an ovation."

The Void

"I’ve never seen anything like it. The physical comedy alone in this show is just incredible. Fun for all the family and leaves you falling off your seat with laughter. If you’re a fan of slapstick and the ridiculous, then this is the ticket for you."

5 stars

Salford Online

"Technically challenging and hilariously funny. We were in tears of laughter"

Peter Kay

"I thoroughly enjoyed Peter Pan Goes Wrong and can't recommend it enough. It's ridiculously funny, cleverly structured and the hard work of the cast and production crew certainly pays off. It's definitely a show worth seeing"

5 stars

"One of the best shows I've ever seen" as quoted by my overjoyed 10 yr old daughter. A must see. I can see us talking about it for a long time to come"

5 stars


"Joy was pretty much unconfined, in one of the most technically challenging and funniest shows of Christmas. Some of that stuff must really hurt. But down in the stalls, we’re very, very happy."

British Theatre Guide

"Too many of the cast to mention individually, but they all played their parts to hilarious perfection. Just hope they manage to survive the extended tour they are just beginning. Get a ticket if you can—it’s great entertainment and not to be missed."

Essential Surrey

"Who does one praise? Well, it’s not easy to do everything wrong night after night so everyone played their part but look out for Naomi Sheldon, who apart from Mrs Darling plays no less than four other characters, Alex Bartram as Peter Pan and Leonie Hill as the indomitable Wendy. But, as I said, they’re all good so go and have a good laugh."

5 stars

What's On Stage

"Peter Pan Goes Wrong is an absolute must see"

4 stars

The Telegraph

"the combination of slapstick and thespian chagrin that won audience hearts"

4 stars

Financial Times

"Irresistibly funny"

The Guardian

"Slick mischief and catastrophic concussions"

The Times

"a smartly staged, heartily performed, cannily conceived theatrical comedy"

London Official Theatre

"The precision timing behind the gags and slapstick is the constant joy of Adam Meggido’s razor-sharp production…Never have so many botched lines made for such delightful watching! Mischief Theatre makes a triumphant return with yet another disaster-filled creation that leaves you aching from laughter"

London Official Theatre

"Energetic, silly and downright hilarious, Mischief Theatre has created another two hours of pure comic bliss"

5 stars

Whats Good To Do

"I cannot recommend this enough, it does exactly what it sets out to do and does it fantastically well. It works so well in the more intimate of theatres so I would get down to the Royal Theatre as soon as you can to book your tickets! Oh the terrible ending??? I got a parking ticket! But not even that could wipe the smile off my face! Without doubt a massive 5 out of 5 stars!"


"the main problem with reviewing this, is that I was laughing too much to write notes. Peter Pan Goes Wrong is in Bath for a week as part of its nationwide tour, but if you can't get a ticket, head to Northampton. Or Plymouth. Or Dartford. Or Swindon, This show is worth the chase."


"Peter Pan Goes Wrong is a hoot, a giggling, gleeful slapstick comedy that features every trick in the box. It’s physical theatre that owes more than a nod to Buster Keaton, and rattles along at a death-defying pace that relies on daredevil acrobatics and split-second timing. This is terrific half-term fun at it’s best and suitable for a variety of ages. Just go and see it."

4 stars

Manchester Evening News

"Hilarious confusion. The physical comedy really tickles the ribs"


"Peter Pan Goes Wrong is an organised mess of a production, top-heavy with slapstick humour where everything - and I mean everything - goes wrong, resulting in consistent infectious laughter throughout the audience. The perfect choice for a family viewing. The adventure to Neverland may be a disaster, but the theatrical performance along the way is certainly not."

Bum on a Seat blog

"A couple of hours of laugh-out-loud fun"

WeLoveBearwood Blog

"In short it’s a wonderful concept for a show, brilliantly executed and if you’re in need of a laugh, a proper laugh that is, a laugh that threatens to polish you off at times, Peter Pan Goes Wrong is just so right. Tockets...whoops...see, it’s contagious...ahem...TICKETS here."

6 stars!

Redditch Advertiser

"Brilliantly bonkers!"

4.5 stars

The Public Reviews

"a wonderful piece of humour that even the hardest audience member would struggle not to chuckle at. Mischief Theatre has a strong sequel in Peter Pan Goes Wrong, so catch it while you can."

Canterbury Times

"An absolute delight. I haven’t laughed so much in quite a while. Hilarious."

5 stars

Manchester Salon

"A brilliantly conceived and hysterical world. This is a comic creation dripping with ideas, all made to look so effortless. The profuse big guffaws land on everyone"

Wigan Today

"A total triumph. The needle on the laughometer is overworked to breaking point. I liked this show so much, I'm determined to see it again"

5 stars

The Public Reviews

"It really is a gem and has the feel good factor, ideal for this time of year, of repeatedly jumping back into your mind with an ‘oh that was funny too’ moment. Go and see it."

East Hampshire Review

"This is a very funny, well timed and expertly considered production and performance. I laughed, applauded, shouted out and joined in (appropriately of course!). The staging was fantastic and all the props worked when they were supposed to (or not as the case may be) and the laughs kept coming as the players hit their timings perfectly."

5 stars “Joyful disasters from comedy masters. GORGEOUS!”

“Ridiculously funny, cleverly structured and the hard work of the cast and production crew certainly pays off”

5 stars “Technically challenging and hilariously funny. We were in tears of laughter”

4 stars “Hilarious confusion. The physical comedy really tickles the ribs”

5 stars “This is a comic creation dripping with ideas, all made to look so effortless”

5 stars “A must see. I can see us talking about it for a long time to come”

“A total triumph. The needle on the laughometer is overworked to breaking point”